Platform Application Services

PHP- Senior Engineer

Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Work Type: Full Time

Role Overview

  • We are seeking an experienced, motivated Senior Engineer (SE - PHP to join our Platform Application Services (PAS) team. PAS is a rapidly growing team within The Smart Cube, supporting external and internal clients in developing and deploying technology-based platforms and applications.
  • The SE is a skilled and experienced software developer responsible for the detailed design, implementation, and testing of subsystems and system components. A SE/E is able to build a wide variety of software subsystems and components efficiently and effectively, given only a requirements specification and constraints. A SE is able to develop and maintain these subsystems and software components in complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform environments.
  • Role Requirements
  • Take initiative in working independently and with groups to effectively accomplish following objectives and engage in the following:
  • Interact with technical team, technical lead, business analysts and project managers to understanding project requirement & and technical requirements
  • Design and document applications and its various modules.
  • Ensure high quality releases through appropriate QC and QA activities
  • Participate in technical discussions / reviews
  • Support management of the team’s technical infrastructure (e.g., repository, build system, testing system) under guidance from the project leaders.
  • Works collaboratively and professionally with other associates in cross functional teams to achieve goals
  • Apply a sense of urgency, commitment and focus on the right priorities in developing solutions in a timely fashion

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