Data Engineering

Senior Analyst - Data Engineer

Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Work Type: Full Time

What Job we expect you to do:

    Connecting, designing, scheduling, and deploying data warehouse systems 

    Developing data pipelines and enable dash boards for stakeholders and 

    Develop, construct, test and maintain system architectures 

    Create best practices for data loading and extraction 

    Doing quick POCs for any data eccentric development task 

What skills we expect you to bring:

    Candidate with at least 3 years relevant experience 

    Strong communication skills 

    Tech Stack: AWS, Snowflake, Airflow, Python, Spark, Big Data and ETL Pipelines 

    Ability to work on a solution that brings in first party data from multiple sources (Ecom / website, apps, etc.) along with third party data 

o    This data once brought together and synthesized would be used by marketing teams for personalising  consumer campaigns. 

    Ability to handle data engineering requirements for GDPR compliance 

    Experience of working on consumer data and knowledge of digital marketing use cases e.g. personalisation 

     through Facebook / Google 

    Should have some CPG business understanding to be able to contribute right ideas 

What expertise will bring added advantage?

    Machine learning 

    Statistical Modelling 

    Natural Language Processing 

How many years of experience you need?

Minimum 3 years of relevant experience

Where will be the job location?

We are ready to welcome you at Noida and also open for any other location in India

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